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      In recent years, the Institute has significantly increased investment in hardware and software for scientific research, and has refined and improved incentive policies for research personnel. With the implementation of a talent strategy, the Institution has attracted high-level talents who contribute to the improvement of the core competence in product research and development. The Institute sets up a Technology Development Center which functions as a specialized department for the research and development of new products and the refinement of processes. The department consists of a specialized research and development team with over 50 senior/intermediate engineers. After the establishment of the Technology Development Center, it has completed more than 1,200 scientific research projects, including 265 key projects at provincial level or above; moreover, it has promoted the application of outcomes of over 170 projects, obtained 61 science and technology achievement awards at ministerial and provincial level, and completed the development of 16 new products at national level. Besides, the center is capable of undertaking the design, manufacture and contract work for various chemical engineering devices. 

      The Technology Development Center is equipped with excellent devices for research and development and inspection. Such devices can be used in fields such as reaction, rectification and application evaluation of products. Since they enable remote control and recording of parameters, the devices can also be used to carry out tests and inspection of new products, such as lab-scale tests, pilot tests and in-processing tests. Based on market demand, the Technology Development Center focuses on the development and manufacture of new technologies, new materials, and new environment-friendly products, with a specific focus on environment-friendly flame retardants, environment-friendly desulfurization and decarburization solvents, pharmaceutical intermediates, special solvents and additives, etc. In addition, this department also provides the customer with services such as customized development of new products, transfer of projects, commissioned processing of products, personnel training, technology consulting, technical support, etc.

      As a part of the Institute, the Fine Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center of Sichuan Province is mainly responsible for the improvement of manufacture devices and manufacture technologies of the Institute, and the design of test engineering projects and cooperative engineering projects. It will cooperate with other design institutes in the design and preparation of process package for desulfurization and decarburization. Besides, the center will evaluate desulfurization and decarburization solvents provided by our customers, and it will use the gas purification plant for removing organic amine which is design by the Institute to stimulate the actual working parameters of the project at the same scale. The device allows for remote control and adopts control points that are exactly the same as the acid gas removal system that is used by factories. Through carrying out stimulation tests with the device, the rationality of technical scheme and all operating parameters of solvents can be verified.

      Based on research data and specialized calculation program provided by the Institute, the Engineering Technology Research Center uses design software (such as pro and Aspen) to design and develop process packages for high quality engineering, including desulfurization and decarburization, melamine cyanurate, the synthesis of trichloroisocyanuric acid, etc.

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