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Tertiarybutylaminoethoxyethanol (TBEE)
1. Physical and Chemical Properties
      TBEE is a kind of water-soluble transparent liquid with ammoniacal odor, of which the boiling point is 117C (10mmHg), the steric-hindrance coefficient is 2.1 and the Pka for the reactivity with H2S is 10.3.

2. Quality Index

      As an outcome of the Innovation Fund program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, TBEE is an exclusive product produced and sold in China. It can be seen from the experimental study on the removal of organic sulfur that the effect of TBEE is great. Quality index: Q/45090447-X•21-2016

3. Application
      For the incorporation of tert-Butyl with the effect of steric hindrance, TBEE molecule is characterized in strong steric hindrance, by which the reaction with CO2 can be restricted and organic sulfur (thioalcohol, carbon oxide sulfide, etc.) can be greatly absorbed when reacting with acid gases (CO2 and H2S).
      TBEE is extensively applied in the selective desulfurization of gases and natural gas in petroleum refineries. There is no bubbling and corrosion during application.
TBEE compound solvent is especially applicable for the purification of associated gases generated in the oil fields with high organic sulfur content. Effect of organic sulfur removal: COS and CS2 ˂ 1PPm, thioalcohol removal rate ˃ 95%.

4. Package, Storage and Transportation
      The product shall be contained in plastic barrel or IBC barrel (net weight: 200kg or 1000kg/barrel), handled gently to prevent violent collision, keep top side up, stayed out of the sun and rain and stored in dry and cool warehouse.

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