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      Molecular formula£ºC5H9NO2                         
      Molecular weight: 115.1                        

      1¡¢Quality index:
      N-Formylmorpholine¡Ý99.5%              Morpholine¡Ü0.1%          Water¡Ü0.1%                           Color/Hazen(Pt-Co) ¡Ü20

      N-formylmorpholine is mainly used as extraction solvent for aromatics and butene in many aromatics extraction unit, such as Sinopec, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Sea Oil Corporation, Shanghai Baoshansteel and so on nearly 20 enterprise. N-formylmorpholine is also used as solvent extraction in purification coking benzene hydrogenation. It can be used for desulfurization in natural gas , gas condensate, gasoline, synthetic gas, flue gas and also for solvent in the organic synthesis reaction.

      The product is packed in IBC tank or plastic bucket with net weight of 1000kg or 200kg per bucket.

      Please store in a cool, ventilates place and keep it far away from kindling material and heat source.

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