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      1 Physical and chemical properties:
      -Mercaptoethanol, also known as 2-Mercaptoethanol (NG for short), is colorless and transparency liquid with mercaptan odor. Boiling point: 158 (9.9104Pa) <slight dissoluble>, Flash point (open cup) 65, Density (20) 1.1143. It is a kind non carcinogenic material dissolvable in water and organic solvents such as ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, and benzene and slightly sensitized to skin. Toxicity: LD50=300mg/kg (rats), LD50=345mg/kg (mice).

      2 Technical indicators

      3. Product purposes
      This product is mainly used as the chain transfer agent for producing low-polymerization poly vinyl chloride, a terminator for acrylic fiber (polypropylene), and can also be used in rubber synthesis, photography, pesticide, textile, paint, metal passivation, etc.

      4. Packaging, transportation and storage
      4.1   It should be packed with 200KG/ 220KG plastic barrel.
      4.2  It should be gently loaded and unloaded in transportation and storage, kept from the contact with oxidizing substances (including H2O2, high-concentration H2SO4, and organic peroxide) and from light.
      4.3 This product is reductive and should be kept from the contact with oxidizing substances during storage, sealed and stored in a cool, dark, dry and ventilated warehouse.

      5. Dangerousness and treatment
      NG has a special foul-smelling and slight absorptivity for hair and clothes. In case of contact, the skin should be cleaned with suds, 3% H2O2 or 0.5% KMnO4 solution. Only a few individuals are slightly allergic to the KG on the skin but the anaphylactic reaction will gradually go away in 2-3 hours. In severe cases, anti-allergic skin cream may be applied on the affected parts appropriately.

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