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      I. Chemical structure:
      II. Product name:
      Chinese name: N-S-N-׻Ҵ
      English name: N-Benzyl-N-methylethanolamine
      Alias (Chinese): N-׻-N-׻Ҵ2-N- S-N׻ҴN-׻-N-uһSN-uһ-N-׻S
      CAS: 101-98-4
      Molecular formula: C10H15NO
      Molecular weight: 165.24

      III. Properties and Purpose
      1. Properties:
      Boiling point
(25, under atmospheric pressure) 256.7
      Relative density
(25) 1.017
      Refractive index (20)   1.526-1.532

      2. Main purposes:
      It can be used as the pharmaceutical intermediate to compound calcium antagonist - nicardipine. In addition, it can also be used as the preparation of botanical fungicide, metal protector, and for the preparation of amino phosphate.

      IV. Quality indicator:

       V. Packing Specification:
      Made-up articles can be packed in the 50KG/ 200KG plastic barrel, or in line with customers' demand.

      VI. Storage:
      It should be stored in a cool and ventilated place and kept away from fire and heat source. It should be stored separately from the oxidant and equipped with fire equipment in corresponding varieties and quantities. Leakage should be taken into appropriate materials in the storage area.

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