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      The main ingredient of the product is 2-Chloroethylphosphonic acid, a kind of plant growth regulator that can promote fruit ripening, pistillate flower development, and the falling off some  plant organs.
      The usage and applied objects are shown in the following table:
      Effective ingredient content: 40%
      Product Standard Number: GB23554-2009
      Pesticide registration number: PD 84125-22

      1. This product is of strong biological activity and should be used with caution. Incautious application may lead to no effects and may even meet with phytotoxicity. In the area lack of application experience, pilot test shall be firstly implemented before promotion.
      2. It can easily resolve in the neutral solution, thus it should be compounded when its in need and cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticide.
      3. The preference temperature for application ranges from 16to 32, and more dosage shall be applied in case of lower temperature.
      4. This product is of strong acidity and is corrosive to the metal and clothes. Be cautious of safety.
      Period of validity: 2 years

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