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Desulfurization Agent JH-12

      JH-12 is a composite desulfurizing solvent that is composed of MDEA,reinforcing agent,anti-deposition agent,anti-foaming agent, Corrosion inhibitor , antioxidant,etc.
      JH-12 is a kind of physical and chemical solvents. It has excellent desulfurization performance which is equivalent to the Flexsorb®Se desulfurizer of Exxon company in the United States. It can remove H2S effectively (removal rate is more than 99.9%), and remove organic sulfur (total sulfur removal rate can reach more than 95%).
      JH-12 can be applied in purification of high total sulfur content  gas conditions, such as natural gas, refinery gas, liquid hydrocarbon, delayed coking tail gas, etc.
      200Kg/ drum or 1000Kg/ IBC drum.
      Store in cool, ventilated and dry environment

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