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Decarbonization Agent JH-15

      JH-15 is a composite decarbonizing solvent that is composed of MDEA,multiple activating agent, anti-deposition agent, anti-foaming agent, etc.

      JH-15 is a kind of physical and chemical solvents. It not only has the basic properties of MDEA, but also has obvious improvement in solvent stability, decarbonization performance, solution consumption, energy saving, foam resistance, corrosion resistance, deposition resistance and so on.
      JH-15 mainly be applied in deep CO2 removal from various gas conditions,such as LNG plantssynthesis gas, etc. It can ensure that the concentration of CO2 in the purified gas is less than 50PPM or lower that meets the production demand of purified gas.
      200Kg/ drum or 1000Kg/ IBC drum.
      Store in cool, ventilated and dry environment

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