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Decarbonization Agent JH-16

      JH-16 is a composite decarbonizing solvent that is composed of multi-amine, anti-deposition agent,anti-foaming agent, Corrosion inhibitor , antioxidant,etc.
      JH-16 has high reaction rate and acid gas load with acid gas such as CO2 and H2S in Micro-Positive Pressure system. Compared with MEA,It has obvious improvement in solvent stability, decarbonization performance, solution consumption, energy saving, foam resistance, corrosion resistance, deposition resistance and so on.
      JH-16 can be applied in recovery of CO2 from various flue gas system that uses coal, natural gas and coke oven gas as raw materials.
  190Kg/ drum or 900Kg/ IBC drum.
  Store in cool, ventilated and dry environment

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