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Decarbonization Agent JH-17
      JH-17 is a composite desulfurization solvent that is composed of multi-amine, anti-deposition agent,anti-foaming agent, Corrosion inhibitor , antioxidant,etc.
      JH-17 has high reaction rate and acid gas load with SO2 in Micro-Positive Pressure system. It has excellent performance in solvent stability, absorption capacity of SO2, solution consumption, energy saving, foam resistance, corrosion resistance, deposition resistance and so on.
      JH-17 can be applied in recovery of SO2 from various flue gas system such as Steel plants, power plants, various types of boilers  and sulphuric acid plants.
It is especially suitable for the system with large flue gas emission, high SO2 content and wide SO2 changing range
      200Kg/ drum or 1000Kg/ IBC drum.
      Store in cool, ventilated and dry environment
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