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JRP Series Microencapsulated Red Phosphorus Flame Retardant
      Micro-encapsulation red phosphorus, light red powder, is an efficient red phosphorus flame retardant, which is mainly used in such products as nylon, epoxy resin, transformer sealing materials, coatings, cables and electrical appliance parts. We adopt the molecular compound coating technology to coat red phosphorus, thus increasing the safety and the water resisting property of red phosphorus and enhancing the whiteness. Micro-encapsulation red phosphorus flame retardant of JRP series has the following features: 
      1High comparative tracking index (CTI)
      2Low moisture rate, no migration and no corrosion to mold
      3High ignition point and safety to use
      The Technology and Physicochemical Indexes
      Recommended Use 
      The Packaging and Storage of Products
      Net weight 30KG per bucket (metal bucket with PE lining)
      Placed in dry ventilated place
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