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Melamine polyphosphate (MPP)

      Molecular Formula: HO(C2H7N6PO2)nH
      CAS Register No.:218768-84-4
      Melamine polyphosphate (MPP) is an efficient nitrogen-phosphorus expanding type flame retardant, which is characterized by high thermal stability, low water solubility, excellent flame retardancy and is mainly applied to retarding flame in glass fiber reinforced nylon, polyurethane, fiber fabrics and the like.
      The Technology and Physicochemical Indexes

      Recommended Use


      The Packaging and Storage of Products
      25KG per bag (composite paper bag)  (12t per 20 feet box)
      Placed in dry ventilated palce
      MPP series
      Mainly classification according to the different size of the MPP products,  in order to meet the needs of different working conditions.

      Modified MPP Series
      Mainly modify the MPP through synthesis or compound, in order to improve its processability. 


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